Food Waste and Food Safety are internationally recognized issues by the UN and the WHO. Foodservice businesses have the power to fight them and create a positive impact on society.

We work with commercial kitchens to minimize their Food Waste and guarantee their Food Safety.

We know that if they win, we all win.

Foodizon Reception

Sustainability within commercial kitchens starts at food reception

Automating the reception of bulks is the foundation for internal end-to-end traceability and sustainability in food handling activities. Foodizon makes kitchens thrive in this area and streamlines the process.

Foodizon Inventory

Real-time inventory updates to handle food responsibly

Foodizon Inventory empowers kitchens to make a conscious use of food by tracking inventory status by location in real time.

Foodizon Temperatures

Avoiding food spoilage produced by temperature changes

We protect food from out-of-range anomalies and assist kitchens in successfully overcoming health inspections by continuously monitoring temperatures throughout the reception, storage, and elaboration processes.

Foodizon Waste Weigh

Learning from our waste makes us better citizens

By providing Food Waste information, we enable kitchens to improve food manipulations.

Foodizon Files & Tasks

No more paper – just one single platform for administrative tasks

With Foodizon; tasks, audits, checklists, food data sheets, and trainings will no longer be done manually using pen and paper.

Web Manager

Using information for a reasoned decision-making process

Information is key to evaluate our performance and make data-driven decisions. Our Dashboard supports foodservice Managers in improving food processes within their kitchens.

Foodizon was born to bring sustainability to the core of commercial kitchens’ strategy

We truly believe technology is a means to creating a better world