Prevent food waste and maximize your savings

Foodizon: the first AI platform that prevents food waste in the foodservice industry.

Save up to 3% of your total turnover by preventing waste caused by forecasting and planning errors

In FSR and QSR, demand forecasting systems used to determine food defrosting, preparation, and processing amounts are grossly inaccurate and subject to human error.

The first AI platform offering reliable demand forecasting and food management planning

Developed for professional kitchens, Foodizon technology prevents end-of-life food waste by providing production plans based on data-driven demand forecasting.

Foodizon AI forecasts future demand of each menu item by analyzing sales data and determining the key contributing factors

Forecasting accuracy improves as more data on the key contributing factors is collected and processed by Foodizon AI’s machine learning algorithms.


Sales forecasts are adjusted according to the equivalent weeks of previous years.


Weather scenarios from previous years are generated and a correction factor is applied based on the current weather forecast.

Growth of each independent location

The sales trend of the last months vs. previous years establishes a growth factor per establishment.

Brand growth

The overall sales and brand expansion trend establishes a deviation factor.

Events and campaigns

Events and campaigns that influence consumer behavior are parameterized.

In-shop Marketing and menu changes

Internal promotions and menu changes establish a deviation factor.

Sales Forecast

Production Plan

Foodizon minimizes Food Cost
and increases the profitability

of foodservice locations

By implementing Foodizon, your professional kitchens will be able to minimize their Food Cost and evaluate the savings generated by food waste reduction.

1/3 of the worldwide food production is
wasted every year. Over 25% of waste comes from the foodservice industry

0 food waste challenge

For us, reaching the horizon of a Sustainable Food System consists of connecting people and organizations to a shared goal: 0 food waste.

Leveraging both experience and knowledge for innovation

Foodizon is a spin-off of SOLETI, a company with more than 40 years of experience in identification, labeling, and traceability in industrial settings. 

In the last decade, SOLETI has used its industry knowledge to help foodservice kitchens. The company’s next generation leverages this background to found Foodizon. 

Our purpose is to help foodservice businesses tackle one of the most important problems in the sector: food waste. 

Arnau Abarca

Founder & CEO of Foodizon

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